Reederei Köpping

Reederei Joerg Koepping is an owner leaded shipping company situated direct on the Kiel-Canal

Founded in 1984, Captain Joerg Koepping took the chance to become independent. With his first second-hand containership, named after his hometown RENDSBURG, he laid the foundation for the Reederei Joerg Koepping.

In the meantime the fleet was grown up to 15 vessels included 5 managed vessels.


Achieving goal is the safe operation and commercial success of the own and managed vessels.

A close business relations between partners, yards, banks, suppliers, insurance companies, charterers and shipbrokers are always held.

More and more Charterers ask for a proof of a quality assurance system before placing their orders. Therefore the company and their ships are ISM (International Management Code for the Safe Operation of Ships and for Pollution Prevention) certified by Germanischer Lloyd since 1998.

A few years ago, upcoming fuel saving questions guided Reederei Koepping to be the first company who installed the "Slow Steaming Kit" on his Wärtsilä engines for a “slow steaming” solution.

New environmental aspects followed by emission regulations will be solved in the future with the same competence as expected by the business partners from the company.

A permanent process is the improvement of maintenance, environmental aspects, safety and quality standards.